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Chapter 29

~The Ceremony~

“Do you, Andy take Tanya, as your lawfully wedded wife? To have and to hold? Through sickness and in health? Till death do you part?” The officiate asked.

“I do.” Andy says staring into Tanya’s eyes.

“Do you, Tanya, take Andy as your lawfully wedded husband? To have and to hold? Through sickness and in health? Till death do you part?” The officiate asked.

“I do.” Tanya says as she stare’s back into Andy’s eyes.

“By the power invested in me, I now pronounce you, husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” The officiate says with a smile.

Andy takes Tanya into his arms and gives her a long kiss. Tanya turns around and sees their daughter struggling to get away from her grandparents. She opens up her arms and they let Za-Za go. When Za-Za is in her arms and Andy gives her a big kiss. Everyone on the beach stand up and clap as Andy, Tanya, and Za-Za walk back down the aisle.

~The Reception~

“Za-Za you are so cute!” Viky says picking her up.

“You better stop that. She’s getting too spoiled as it is.” Andy says.

“Her godmother can say whatever she wants to her.” Viky says laughing.

“Can her godfather hold her now please?” Jaylin says coming over and reaching for her.

“Sure. While you’re at it, you can feed her too. Eat what Uncle Jay give you ok baby?” Tanya says. Za-Za nods and holds onto Jaylin’s hand as they walk over to Jaylin’s table.

“Congratulations guys. Really. I’m so happy for you.” Viky says looking like she’s about to cry.

“Can I have your attention please! Sorry to interrupt everyone’s fun but I have an announcement.” Richard says from where the DJ is. “Will Viky please come to the center of the dance floor?”

Viky stares at him confused. Tanya nudges Viky forward. When she doesn’t move, Tanya walks her to the middle of the makeshift dance floor. Richard then walks away from the DJ and walks slowly over the sand to Viky on the dance floor.

“Viky, I have seen such a change in you. But more importantly I’ve seen such a change in me. Because of you. With you I feel complete. I feel happy. I feel like I am finally a whole again. I have realized that without you I can not make it. I need you in my life, from now, until we die. (He kneels) Viky, will you marry me?” He kneels on one knee and opens a little black box with a pearl ring inside.

Viky is tearing up. She looks up at locks eyes with Tanya. Tanys smiles and nods at her. Viky looks back at Richard and smiles. She stares into his eyes.

“Yes.” Viky says and nods at the same time. He slides the ring on her finger and they embrace. Everyone claps. Tanya runs over to Viky.

“Congratulations love!” Tanya says to Viky and hugs her hard. Andy walks over to Richard and dabs him.

“Oh my God! Did that just happen?” Viky says.

“Yes, it did! It was perfect hun.” Tanya says tearing up a bit too. They cry tears of joy together.

“This whole day has been amazing.” Tanya says.

“Ready to do it again?” Viky says showing Tanya her ring.

“Hell yeah!” Tanya says.


“Hmmmm. I miss Zaharah.” Tanya says.

“I know babe. But she’s in good hands. Actually, she’s in a lot of good hands.” Andy says.

“Yeah you’re right.” Tanya says.

“Look, we are on a beautiful island for a whole week. What do you want to do? We can see anything you want. We can go wherever you want. What would you like to do?” Andy says.

“Not what, who.” Tanya says.

“Huh?” Andy says turning around.

“I. Would. Like. To. Do. You.” Tanya says slowly taking her clothes off revealing delicate lingerie.

“This is going to be an amazing week.” Andy says pulling her closely.  

Chapter 28

P.O.V. Tanya               

I’ve never seen something so beautiful in my entire life. I’m holding the most beautiful little girl in my arms. She is 7 pounds, 7 ounces, 18 inches. Even while I am mentally out of it, I could still sense how amazing she is. I love her more than anything and anyone. At this point I can’t even imagine ever giving her away. I forever want her here, in my arms.

P.O.V. Andy

Watching the love of my life hold, who I now consider my heart, is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. My daughter is beautiful, just like her mother. She is so precious. I can’t look away from them. This is the only time I can ever say that I fell in love with two females.

Tanya’s family knocks on the door. Tanya’s mother begins to cry and hold her husband. Tanya’s dad holds onto his wife and pushes their sons over to Tanya.

“Hey Ya-Ya!” Trey says.

“Hey Lil Thug. What’s up?” Tanya says with exhaustion.

“Nothing. Heard I was a Uncle and decided to check it out.” Trey says with a smile.

“Definitely. You want to see her? She’s over there with Andy.” Tanya says gesturing.

“Cool.” Trey says as he walks over there.

“Hey Lin-Lin. I mean Jay. What’s up?” Tanya says.

“Nothing much Tee-Tee. Heard I was an Uncle too. I didn’t believe it though.” Jaylin says.

“Now do you believe it?” Tanya says laughing a little.

“Definitely.” Jaylin says laughing.

“Well believe this too. You’re her godfather.” Tanya says.

“Word?” Jaylin says.

“Yes. Can I promise you to look after her incase of me or Andy’s absence? We need someone strong.” Tanya says.

“No doubt. Definitely big sis.” Jaylin says. He hugs her and walks over to his god daughter.

“How are you sweetheart?” Siarra asks.

“I’m ok mom. Tired but ok.” Tanya says weakly.

“You look tired.” Troy says.

“Thank you Dad.” Tanya says sarcasticly.

“She’s beautiful sweety.” Siarra says.

“Yeah, she is.” Tanya says smiling.

“What’s her name?” Trey calls over.

Tanya looks into Andy’s eyes for a moment. Finally she says, “Zaharah Siarra Victoria.” 

Chapter 27

————————————————- January 15 – 2:35 AM ———————————————

“Babe, wake up.” Tanya says to Andy. He only slightly sturs.

“Baby! Wake the fuck up!” Tanya says shoving him as hard as she could.

“What?!” Andy says getting up, frightened.

“My water broke.” Tanya says looking exhausted.

“Oh shit! It’s time?!” Andy says putting on his clothes.

“No shit, Sherlock.” Tanya says looking slightly pained.

“Are you getting contractions already?” Andy asks.

“Yes, little ones though. Just focus on getting us the fuck out of here.” Tanya says.

“O.K. Babe.” Andy says helping her out of bed.

————————————————- 10 minutes later – Car ——————————-

“Yes, we’re on our way to the hospital…Ok we’ll see you there.” Andy says hanging up.

“Was that everyone?” Tanya asks trying to breathe slowly.

“I think so. Your parents, my parents, Viky, and Verqon.” Andy says confidently.

“You forgot Jade.” Tanya says after a minute or two.

“Are you sure?” Andy asks.

“The shit is past me. Is it past you?” Tanya asks him.

“Yea. Ok, let me give him a call.” Andy says picking his phone back up.

———————————————- 10 minutes Later – Hospital ———————————

“Excuse me, my fiancé’s water just broke. She needs to go to the emergency room ASAP.” Andy says trying to balance holding Tanya and the overnight bags.

“Ok. Right this way miss.” A nurse says coming around the corner with a wheelchair.

“Sir, we need you to come to the front to check her in.” Another nurse says.

“I’ll be right with you okay baby?” Andy gives her a quick kiss on the lips.

“We’re having a fucking baby!” Tanya says laughing. As she is wheeled away, Andy laughs.

“Sir, what’s her first and last name?” The nurse asked at the front.

“Tanya Valley. V-a-l-l-e-y.” Andy says.

“And her date of birth?” The nurse asks.

“Halloween, 1993.” Andy says.

“Ok, I found her. You’re all set.” The nurse says.

“Thank you.” Andy says. When he turns around Victoria, Richard, Verqon and Jennifer ran in.

“Where is she?” Victoria asked.

“In the emergency room. I’m going to go see her now. Bro, can you hold the bags?” Andy asked handing Verqon the overnight bags.

“Yeah, no problem. Where do we wait?” Verqon asks the nurse.

“On the way to the emergency room, there is a waiting area for patients in ER. You guys can wait there.” The nurse says.

“Thanks.” Jennifer and Richard says.

Everyone heads to the ER. When they get close to the waiting room, they can hear Tanya’s screaming.

“I am not missing my baby’s birth!” Andy says practically sprinting towards Tanya’s voice. A nurse stops him before he goes in and hands him scrubs to put on. He puts them on in front of the doors and goes in.

The room is brightly lit. Tanya is laying upright on the seat with her legs up and spread with a sheet covering her. There are a team of nurses surrounding her bottom half and a doctor that is positioned between her legs.

“Ok, Tanya just breathe deeply ok?” The doctor says from behind his mask.

“I am breathing!” Tanya screams.

“Baby, I’m here.” Andy says reaching for her hand. She gladly accepts it and starts squeezing the life out of it.

“Aghhhhhhhh!!!!” Tanya screams. There are tears running down her eyes.

“Tanya, this is your last chance. Do you want the epidural?” The nurse next to her asks.

“Baby, you didn’t get it yet?” Andy asks.

“No aghhhhhh! But I think I need it!!!!!!!” Tanya says.

“So yes, to the epidural?” The nurse asks.

“Wait! Noooooo. No.” Tanya says.

“Ok then.” The nurse says. “Good luck.” Andy hears her say under her breathe.

“OK, Tanya I need you to give me a big push!” The doctor says.

“You got this baby.” Andy whispers in her ear.

“Baby, I’m scared!!! It hurts!!!” Tanya tries to whisper but instead screams.

“Breathe baby. Inhale then push.” Andy says surprising himself by keeping a calm but forceful whisper.

Tanya nods.

“I’m going to count to three and you push ok?” The doctor says.

Tanya nods again.


“1…” Andy repeats in her ear.


“2…” Andy repeats again.

“3…!” The doctor and Andy say at the same time.

Tanya holds her breathe and pushes really hard.

“Good job! I can see the head! Give me another push.” The doctor says.

“Count!” Tanya screams.

“This time to 2.” The doctor says.

“1…” The doctor and Andy say.

“2…!” They both say again.

Tanya pushes some more. She squeezes Andy’s hand harder.

“OK. Last one, alright Tanya? You’re doing great.” The doctor says.

“You ready baby?” Andy says trying to squeeze her hand back.

Tanya barely nods.

“On the count of one.” The doctor says. The doctor nods at Andy.

“1!!!” They both scream.

—————————————————————————- An Hour Later —————————————————————-

“Where is he?!” Andy’s parents ask the nurse at the front desk. 

“Who?” The nurse asks.

“Andy. Our son. His fiancé is giving birth. Tanya. ” Andy’s mom says.

“Emergency Room, 6C.” The nurse says.

Andy’s parents run towards emergency. Just then Tanya’s family runs in.

“Our daughter Tanya…” Tanya’s father begins to say.

“Emergency Room, 6C.” the nurse says.

“Thank you.” Tanya’s mother says and then runs towards the ER.

Tanya’s family arrives at the ER waiting room.

Verqon gets up and decides to introduce everyone.

“Andy’s mom and dad this is Tanya’s mom and dad.” Verqon says so they can acknowledge each other.

“And everyone this is Viky, Tanya’s best friend, Richard, Viky’s boyfriend, Jennifer, my girlfriend, and Jade, our best friend.” Verqon says.

“Hello.” Everyone exchanges handshakes and some a few hugs.

Just then the door opens and Andy walks out. His head is down and no one can see his face. Everyone rushes towards him.

“Is everything okay?” The parents ask him.

“Is she okay?” Victoria asks.

He puts his head up and reveals a huge smile.

“Everything is perfect. And she’s doing fine. It’s…it’s a girl.” Andy says.

Chapter 26

P.O.V. Verqon

I think, no, I know that I am in love with Jennifer. To be honest my life isn’t complete without her. I don’t know how I have been living these past few years without her. I’m trying not to come on too strong but between you and me, this is my first actual love. I feel so much for her. I hope she says “I do”.

P.O.V. Jennifer

Yes, I love him. I will always love him. He has been giving me everything a man could give a woman. But, I’m just not sure he’s the one for me. This relationship started out very beautiful, and it has continued to be amazing. Time and time again he has proven me wrong and we fall deeper and deeper in love. This is why I have to leave. It’s not real. There is no way. It’s too good to be true. I gotta get out of here before I get myself hurt.

P.O.V. Victoria

This is the thing, I love him. He makes me happy. And fuck the rest of the bullshit, he is what a man is supposed to be. Reliable, honest, understanding, and sexy. So he can be a little too understanding and sometimes passive aggressive. But would I rather that, or someone who doesn’t care about my feelings at all? Exactly. I better take what I can get. Or else someone else does.

P.O.V. Richard

We’re together again. And this is how I like it. I’m working on manning up though. Very soon she will get a lot more of my strong and tough side. She just doesn’t know it yet.

P.O.V. Jade

Well, all of my friends are in love. I think I’m just going to enjoy being in their company for now. We can still all chill as friends anyways. I can’t wait till Ya-Ya has her kid. Uncle Jade…I like the sound of that. 

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